Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The picture above shows how hungry the teachers are after a long day of teaching.
This picture shows that the teacher is very thirsty after talking for the whole day.
This picture shows how desperate Gavin is for a drink as u can see his tongue is licking the vending machine hoping for a drop of water.
This picture shows gavin looking for an important item. As u can see he is even going to the extent of reaching into the rubbish bin to check if it is there


  1. First 2 pictures were kind of blurry, although I am not sure whether it is intentional or not. Keep up the good work though, as you are always focusing on the object.

  2. Picture 2:
    The main focus of the photo is the in the right position. I think the distraction is Mr Koh, on the left. The lighting is acceptable. The lines in the background gives the picture depth.

  3. The lights coming from the vending machine in the 3rd photo is rather distracting. The other pictures are better as they are taken in not so dark or bright place.

  4. The first does not have a good focus on the object. The second and third picture is blur but the last picture is good.