Friday, June 18, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 3

The picture above shows why it is hard for elderlies who are visually impaired to see the type of food stored in the can as the words are quite small compared to the brand name or the picture(it is still not so bad as you still can see the picture clearly but some do not have the picture)

While visiting my grandmother, I also crossed the road to visit my great grandfather who is still alive and living with my aunt who stays near my grandmother. One of the many difficulties my great grandfather faces is due to his age, he has problems with his eyesight. This is inconvenient for him especially when he is in the kitchen(he still cooks) as he has a hard time looking at small prints but the cans, bottles etc. prints are very small. This is a problem when he is cooking as he will not be able to differentiate a can of mushrooms from a can of soup when cooking. It will take him some time before he can decide which is which or worse still, he may have to even ask my relatives for assistance. I feel that companies producing these stuff should make their product more elderly friendly as the elderly population is growing. The prints should be larger and the colours should be striking for easy recognition. This change will really help elderlies who have eye problems especially my great grandfather.

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