Friday, June 18, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 2

I went to my grandmother's house today but she was camera shy so i do not have any pictures. I noticed that she has difficulties climbing up and down the stairs even though she lives on the second floor as she limps because one of her leg is injured during an accident. I know that the government is making an effort to upgrade some of the HDBs lift which have more floors so that the lift will stop a every floor. Sadly this is not the case at my grandmother's house as her HDB block does not have more than 5 floors. The reason why there is still no lifts at her house is that there are only a few stories and i think the government feels that there is not a need for a lift as it is not economical. Still, i do not think the government is willing to spend so much money just for the convenience of a couple of residents, but what will happen when my grandmother becomes bed ridden? I am sure i do not want to carry her up the stairs all the time. Maybe the government ought to think about it and hopefully spare a little bit of money to improve their lives by building a lift.

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